Become immersed in the nature of this classic New England community


Brookfield is surrounded by the peaceful flowing waters of Candlewood Lake, Lake Lillinonah, and the Housatonic River, making it an excellent location to feel secluded, yet incorporated. The antique colonial homes and untouched countryside create an old-fashioned and classic pallet, spiced by the rich arts community and welcoming residents. 



Brookfield contains two elementary schools: Huckleberry Hill and Center School, one middle school: Whisconier Middle School, and one high school: Brookfield High School, which are all dedicated facilities to achievement, as displayed by their Brookfield Public Schools Website. Along with these public schools, there is also St. Joseph's School, a private catholic school, and a specialized, non-degree school that teaches craftsmanship, known as The Brookfield Craft Center.



Recreation opportunity comes abundantly in Brookfield from its parks and nature facilities, such as Happy Landings, Candlewood Lake Park, Whalen Pond, Lillinonah Woods, and much more that can be seen on the Parks and Recreation webpage. If you're looking to learn more about the community of Brookfield, then places like The Brookfield Theatre For The Arts provide a warm a welcoming atmosphere for all ages.